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The Water & Sewer Division of Public Works maintains and repairs a complex water system of valves, fire hydrants, and customer water meters, while regulating system pressure and water volume through calculated pump efficiencies, tower elevations, and electronic controls. The water division meets or exceeds regulations set by TCEQ. The City of Blue Ridge water division maintains the highest water quality as possible.

The water/sewer division also maintains and repairs the city’s sewer lines and lift station through constant monitoring of the system. The sewer division strives to provide a sewer collection service that is continuous, safe, and reliable.

All questions can be addressed to Tonya Harrison at the City Offices.

Tonya Harrison
Assistant City Secretary
8:00-5:00 M-F CLOSED from 12-1 for lunch
Phone: 972-752-5791
Fax: 972-752-9160

Cease the Grease

  1. Remove oil and grease from all dishes and pans before washing. Once cooled, scrape and wipe off excess grease.
  2. Once grease or cooling oil has cooled, pour into covered collection containers. Never pour oil and grease down the drain.
  3. Cover kitchen sink with catch baskets (strainers) and empty into trash can as needed.
  4. Don’t rinse off oil and grease from pots and pans with hot water. When the water cools the grease will congeal and could cause a backup. Instead, wipe the grease off with a paper towel, dispose of the paper towel in your regular garbage, then wash.
  5. Scrape food scraps from dishes into a trash can to avoid using your garbage disposal.
  6. Used cooling oil can be harmful to your sewer. Why not recycle it? Visit www.FryOiltoFuel.com or www.ceasethegreasetx.com for more information.
  7. While many “flushable” items (baby wipes) may not clog your pipes, they can easily clog lift station pumps resulting in costly repairs and increasing the potential for sewer overflows. Many manufacturers claim these so-called “flushable” items biodegrade and are sewer and septic safe, but the reality is that they arrive at the treatment plant intact causing damage to screens, motors, and pumps that require expensive repairs. The City of Blue Ridge highly encourages you to dispose of these items with your regular garbage.When you put cooking waste like foods, oil, and grease (F.O.G.) down the drain, it clings to the side of your sewer pipes and can cause clogs in your lines, which may result in an expensive visit from the plumber. Grease can also clog the city’s main sewer lines and make it harder to treat wastewater. The cost of cleaning and repairs contributes to the rates that you pay for sewer service. Clogs can also cause sewer back-ups which are a hazard to the environment as well as public health.

If you would like more information please feel free to contact us at 972-752-5791.

CCR Reports

The annual 2015 Consumer Confidence Report for Blue Ridge’s Drinking Water is available HERE

The Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) is a document that provides consumers with information about the quality of drinking water in an easy-to-read format. The CCR summarizes information that your water system already collects to comply with Federal and State (TCEQ) regulations. It includes information about the source(s) of water used (i.e., rivers, lakes, reservoirs, or aquifers), chemical contaminants, bacteriological contaminants, compliance with drinking water rules, educational health information, water system contact information and public participation opportunities.

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