Are you developing INSIDE the City?

  • Complete the Development Application with fees according to the development
  • Complete the Plat Checklist
  • Schedule a Concept Plan review with City Staff
  • Complete Professional Services Agreement (the attached is a template)
  • After PSA has been approved by Council, schedule meeting with City Staff, including engineering, regarding the proposed development.  This is to discuss utilities, connections, expansion needs, etc.

Are you developing OUTSIDE the City, but in the City's Extra Territorial Jurisdiction?

Here are the steps to go forward for platting:

Once these items have been addressed, the approvals and information will need to be relayed to your surveyor or engineer to place on the plat.  Then the plat comes to the City of Blue Ridge.  The City of Blue Ridge charges $350 + $5 per lot.  We will then send out letters to the surrounding properties to hold two public hearings.  The City Council will hear nearby property owners of positives or negatives, then Council acts on the plat.  If approved, all parties will sign the plat, your surveyor or engineer will sign and attach his seal, and the City will take to the County for filing.  The property owner will be contacted after the plat has been processed through Collin County Clerk's Office for the filed plat to be picked up. 


The City’s part of the process is last, and it typically takes us 45 days if all documentation is on the plat correctly.  For more information from Collin County, you can contact Development Services at 972-548-5585 or visit their website at

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