Blue Ridge Economic Development

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Justin Garner
President/Board Member

Tonya Harrison

Robert Graham
Board Member

Jessie Miller
Board Member

Rhonda Williams
Board Member

Christina Porath
Board Member

Keith Chitwood
Board Member

Colby Collinsworth
Board Member

Mayela Perales
Board Member

Tammy Crosswhite
Board Member

Edie Sims

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06/10/2020 BREDC Agenda

09/23/2020 BREDC Agenda

09/02/2021 BREDC Agenda                09/02/2021 BREDC Minutes

05/25/2022 BREDC Agenda                05/25/2022 BREDC Minutes

08/29/2022 BREDC Agenda                08/29/2022 BREDC Minutes

08/29/2022 BREDC Special Agenda    08/29/2022 BREDC Minutes - Special 

09/29/2022 BREDC Agenda

10/12/2022 BREDC Agenda

11/16/2022 BREDC Agenda