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City of Blue Ridge...Home of the Last Texas Prairie!

We are a great little town just off the normal beaten path. Geographically, we are part of the DFW Metroplex but it really is hard to remember the city is so close when you live here. Small town life and Texas rural values are a big part of our culture. This is a place where getting to know your neighbors is still considered polite.

If you live in the big city and are looking for a more friendly place to live, a better place to raise children, then maybe you should give us a call or drive out here and hang out for an afternoon. There is always something going on; whether it is a city parade, a community improvement project, holiday festival or just having some fellowship with your neighbors at a backyard barbecue. Find out for yourself why you should consider making Blue Ridge, Texas, your home.





Issued 05/06/2020:

City Hall Re-Opened


Issued 03/31/2020:

City Council has extended the Declaration of Local State of Disaster due to public health emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The declaration is extended for 30 days, to April 30th.  CLICK HERE to see the extended declaration.


Issued 03/24/2020:

Mayor Williams has extended the Declaration of Local State of Disaster due to public health emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The declaration is extended for another 7 days, to March 31st.  As we continue this journey, please remember our local businesses are still open for take out as we need to keep our local economy thriving.  CLICK HERE to see the extended declaration.

We are all in this together and together we are small but Mighty!!!!


TNMP Crews Working Diligently in the Community

Lewisville, Texas

March 24, 2020

As our state continues to enact measures to keep the community safe, TNMP would like to remind customers that our crews will be working in the field. While TNMP has issued a mandatory work-from-home policy for all "non-essential" staff, our field crews do essential work that requires them to continue to be out in the communities that we serve in order to maintain the reliable power that we proudly provide to customers.
As our field crews do work on our system, you may seem them out in TNMP trucks in your neighborhoods, even though some counties in Texas have been ordered to stay at home. While some operations work can be done indoors, most of the work that is done to electrical equipment and facilities is hands-on and requires personnel on the ground who are on call 24 hours a day. No matter what is going on in our state, keeping the lights on for customers, including businesses, hospitals, and police and fire stations, is an around-the-clock, 365-day effort. 
"The incredible responsibility of keeping the lights on for customers falls almost entirely upon their shoulders," TNMP President Neal Walker said. "The strength, dedication and sense of purpose they bring to this essential task truly lights our path forward. We are so thankful for their hard work."
We realize that TNMP crews are easy to recognize and that customers may be tempted to approach them with questions. However, the work these crews do is incredibly dangerous and requires their full attention. We urge the public to call TNMP at 888-866-7456 for any questions they have about their electric service. 
Please remember that TNMP crews need to be outside in our neighborhoods and help us keep them safe by maintaining distance and allowing them to carefully do their work so they may go home to their families every day.

TNMP is a transmission and distribution service provider that delivers power to about 255,000 homes and businesses on behalf of retail electric providers in Texas. More information is available at


Issued 03/23/2020:

Shelter in Place


Issued 03/19/2020:

City Hall Closure - COVID19


Issued 03/19/2020:

The City of Blue Ridge today declared a local state of disaster for the public health emergency related to the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). The City of Blue Ridge is fully engaged and working with local and state authorities to guide its operations and response to the recent spread of COVID-19. The City's main goal is to minimize any disruption to its citizens while also ensuring the health and safety of the community. Our local businesses are still operating and need your support. Please contact our local businesses to see how they can continue to serve you. In the meantime, until we are back to normal, stay safe, stay well, and wash your hands ☺️  CLICK HERE for the Declaration.



City of Blue Ridge is offering assistance during Coronavirus_Pandemic.City Coronavirus Assistance


Atmos Energy is offering assistance during Coronavirus Pandemic.  Please click the link below.




The 2020 Census is HERE!!!  You should be receiving an invitation to participate in the 2020 Census.  It is important for us all and it makes a difference for our community.  If you need help or have questions, please feel free to come by City Hall.  For more details, please go to

Want to be a substitute teacher and support the pride of our community? Then CLICK HERE for more details! 

Collin County is looking for Reserve Detention Officers. For more information, click here.

The CITY OF BLUE RIDGE DOES NOT ALLOW BURNING WITHIN THE CITY.  You can find helpful information regarding Do's and Don'ts of Outdoor Burning by CLICKING HERE.  You can also see the Ordinance adopted by clicking here.


Driving is fun but we also need to be aware.... So if weather conditions get questionable, check the State-Wide Emergency Road Condition Telephone Number 800-452-9292 before you head out.

MOSQUITOS:  What you need to know!!!  Please read helpful information and remember, get rid of stagnant water!!!  CLICK HERE

The topic: Storm Season.  Click on the following link for information to prepare your home for storm season:

As always, keeping you safe and informed is our goal.  Be safe and keep a close watch on the sky!



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Chamber of Commerce Fall Festival


The Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a Fall Festival on the Square.  More details as we get closer, so stay tuned!!

Holiday Stroll


It's early to be planning for Christmas, but it's never too early!!!  The Chamber of Commerce is planning this Holiday Event right before the Christmas Parade!  Stay tuned for more details!!!

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Blue Ridge Economic Development Board Looking for New Members


Blue Ridge Economic Development Board is looking for new members. Please call City Hall 972-752-5791.

Blue Ridge Fire Department Needs Volunteers!


The Blue Ridge Volunteer Fire Department is still looking for Volunteers. Contact John Bowers at 972-658-6899.