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Public Works

The City of Blue Ridge Public Works Department is committed to providing the citizens of Blue Ridge with the highest quality of customer service as possible. We are dedicated to maintaining our growing community. The Blue Ridge Public Works Department strives to provide outstanding and timely service, while delivering a quality finished product. The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance and operation of our Streets, Water Production and Distribution, and Wastewater Collection and Treatment facilities.

The City of Blue Ridge Department of Public Works is divided into two areas:

Our dedicated employees ensure that facilities and equipment for the City are maintained and high quality water is available to the City of Blue Ridge.

Should you require assistance please call (972) 631-3636 – (this is a pager, please leave your return phone number at the beep). Someone will return your call. It forwards to the on-call personnel after hours.


Phone: (972) 752-5791
Fax: (972) 752-9160

Mailing Address:
City of Blue Ridge
200 S. Main
Blue Ridge, TX 75424